Scirocco 30 now has the smell

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New Member
Jan 4, 2021
North Bend
After a year of use our stove is having a smoke smell. I did the dollar bill test and it’s tight everywhere. A touch looser by the latch but still very snug. I’m thinking of just ordering a new door gasket but where is the best place? I have read different about locations to put the seam. Where did the majority of people settle on? We run it from Septemberish to into May/June 24 hours a day as it’s the only heat we have. Great stove and would buy it again if I ever move.


Burning Hunk
Oct 25, 2015
I’ve always been told to put the seam together in the middle on the bottom side of the door. Have you considered installing the shims on door hinges? Seems to be helping to line up the door better against the gasket!


Minister of Fire
Dec 28, 2006
Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
I put the seam in the same place the factory seemed to set the seam. On my princess that was the bottom hinge side corner.