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    This is not a tough question, just a set of naive questions. I am building a family room addition to my single story home and I would like to have a wood fireplace in this room. I do not want "my father's fireplace" in that I want an energy efficient unit that takes in fresh
    air from outside (not the house's air), can be faced with any combination of brick and wood, has a relatively open front so that it is as attractive as "my father's fireplace" and potentially uses the same flue system as my oil burning furnace has (my furnace is newer and uses a double piped system - you know the correct terms better than I) so I can possibly install it myself. Is this possible? What and where should I look. I'll have a 1900 square. ft. house when completed.


    David, you are looking for a an efficient, wood burning "pre-fab" fireplace. There are quite a few on the market like this.<p>
    The HearthNet products page link below has a number of companies that sell these....look for a unit with an efficiency rating and that is EPA tested. This will assure that you are buying a "controlled combustion" (airtight) appliance.
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