Second Woodstove Location?

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Jan 13, 2024
East Kootenay, BC, Canada
Looking for input on a second stove location for my upstairs.

I had a previous post from a couple days ago about upgrading my downstairs stove. After speaking more with the wife on this, I have more direction. Instead, she'd really like one upstairs where we spend most of our time, and therefore could enjoy it more. I agree, it would be great to have one upstairs.

A couple things to note:

I'm in Canada, it gets cold here, (-33 right now), my house is well insulated aside from a couple older doors, (kitchen, living room), the kitchen one will be replaced very soon. The upstairs has vaulted ceilings, but are only 11ft at their highest. The upstairs is 1800sqft, the basement is 900sqft and is under the Kitchen/Bedrooms shown in the drawing. We do have a natural gas furnace that will technically be our primary heat, but it shouldn't run much with the woodstove going.

We'd like the stove to nicely heat the upstairs, but not cook us out of the place (she wants a small stove, but I'd like to not always be running 2 stoves, plus the fire lasting overnight as the Super 27 can, would be great). We'd probably be using the stove Oct-Apr. We'd probably run the upstairs stove most of that time, and only use the basement one when its really cold, or when down there watching TV. Currently nobody is down there very often. I've shown the location of the existing woodstove (PE Super 27) in the basement, under the master bedroom by the stairs.

A couple questions about location. I've numbered a few of the possible locations.

We'd like to be able to sit around it, which gets tricky if we were to place it in 3 or 4 on the drawing.

The other 3 locations are in the living room, which currently has a gas fireplace (that doesn't give off much heat) We'll probably remove the gas fireplace when we put in a stove.

Locations 1. 2 and 5 would all be facing the center of the living room. I'd like your opinions on there locations in effectiveness of heating the upstairs. I understand the bedrooms will be tricky no matter what, its that way now anyway.

EDIT: Did some more reading, location 1 won't work. I have a furnace cold air return on the LR wall behind the fridge. This would be about 2ft from location 1.

Last part of this is stove size. I'm thinking something similar to the super 27 would be a good size. Again, considering I already have one in the basement which I'd use as needed.

The halfmoon shapes between the kitchen and living room are stairs, the living room is 2 steps below the kitchen/bedroom part of the house.


Upstairs Layout.jpg
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Location 2 looks ok. It's closest to the outside door which is a cold air source. One thing to think about is the chimney location on the roof. The 10-3-2 rule will need to be honored and it's good to note relationships relative to the prevailing winter winds.

10-3-2 rule.JPG
chimney location.png
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