Seeking Stove Size Suggestions - Considering replacement of 1984 Jotul spin draft 8

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7" on mine, this assuming the back shield still the same on the newer T5's
Used Jotul seem to sell instantly around here, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a F500 pop up. I reached out to a guy last spring that had a nice 3CB for cheap, and he said a guy loaded it up 10 minutes after he listed it on CL. That one may have been too small but it was a good value so I would have bought it to try.

I looked at a new F500 V3 at a dealer on Friday, but it’s not high on my list if I go with a new cat stove. They don’t normally stock the F55 which is what I was hoping to look at, but suspect will be too large. Another dealer that is 2 hours away does have a F55 in stock.
i have a little Jotul F3CB I've used for years and its bullet proof. i heat the upstairs or about 1100 sq ft with it. its located on the edge of the living room, dining room/kitchen. i have a PE Summit downstairs in the basement that i use when it gets real cold, which isn't very often here in southern maryland. i also have an early 602 that i'm going to put in the garage. i don't think you can beat Jotul for ease of operation. good luck finding your right stove.
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