Selkirk DSP w/ oval stove outlet?

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Nov 1, 2015
I recently purchased an Ashland New Decade cook stove (modern, airtight, Amish-made) and a Selkirk Supervent class-A chimney which I'm in the process of installing. I would like to connect the stove to the chimney with Selkirk DSP double-wall stove pipe--I do have enough clearance I could use single-wall, but I like the durability of double-wall.

Problem is, my stove has an oval outlet intended for 7" pipe. Anyone know a good way to connect 7" DSP to an oval outlet? Selkirk sells an oval-to-round DSP adaptor, but only in the 8" size as far as I can tell. I'm guessing the double-wall is too rigid to ovalize by squishing it like you could with single-wall... though I'd be happy if I was wrong, and it was that simple! Otherwise, can a use a short length of single-wall and then transition to DSP??

Any ideas?
I've never tried to do what you are trying to accomplish so my suggestion is theoretical. IIRC DSP is crimped on the interior so it should fit into the 7" round of the adapter. One concern would be how to screw that connection together in 3 places. Most likely that would have to be done ahead of time off the stove.
It takes allot of work but you can oval double wall pipe. The longer the length the better it will come out.
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