Selling an Old Pellet Stove

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Oct 9, 2017
Hi everyone!

My husband and I purchased a home 2 years ago with a pellet stove in it. It's in great condition and looks to be an Enviro EF3 - we only used it a few times and we're trying to sell it this Fall because it's not very toddler friendly.

Is there any way I can find out what year the model is? Any insight on how much to sell it for? It is in great condition and looks like it was sold for $3500 new. I've attached a photo. We're not very knowledgeable about this stuff, so hoping someone here can help. Thank you!


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Look on the back of the stove for the UL testing label. It may have information on mfg date.
The year and month of production are in side the lid of the pellet hopper
Lower left hand side of label it will be punched out month and year
eg J F M A M X J A S O N B 07 XXX 09
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