Q&A Should I replace my 10 year old stove?

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    We own a 20 year old house (we owned it for 10 years) with a 20-year old wood stove (the tag on it says SIERRA- Harrisonburg- Virginia). It is a plate steel stove. We use it as our main heat source all winter. The house is 1400 sq.ft. Could you answer the following questions? 1. The stove seems to be in great shape- but should we replace it with a more efficient model? We use about 2 cords of wood per season at a cost of $180 ($90 per cord).
    2. The door and glass gaskets have never been replaced- but they seem to be in really good shape. If the door is closed and the screw dampers are closed- the fire goes out- so the gaskets are really tight even after 20 years. Does that mean they are made with asbestos? If yes- what is the best way to remove it and replace them with new ones?
    3. What is the life expectancy of such stove?
    4. What brand of replacement stove do you recommend?
    5. If I replace the stove- do I need to replace the chimney also?
    6. Do you know of any stove dealers around Hamilton- Ohio (or Fairfield- Cincinnati?)


    1. As far as straight economics- no--the new stove will use less wood- but not enough to pay for itself. In the longer run (if you have the $$)- a newer stove will have a clean burning design which will pollute the outdoors less- and give you more heat for less wood.
    2. They may be asbestos- still not really dangerous in those amounts. I'd only replace them if they need it.
    3. nearly forever
    4. Many are good- price and looks are two factors...look for a nice dealer who will stand behind the product
    5. Have the chimney checked and certified by a chimney sweep--make certain the sweep is a member of a national organization
    6. Try the Hearth Products Assoc at http://www.hbpa.org/ or our dealer locator at https://www.hearth.com/shops.html

    Link: HearthNet Shops

    Link: Hearth Trade Association
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