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    Appreciate having this source to ask the following questions regarding an older Sierra stove which I'm connecting for the first time without benefit of manual or history of its use. It is plate steel and fire-bricked lined (about 16 full bricks & 4 half bricks). The stand is welded plate steel in U-shaped fashion 5 " high. Questions:
    1. The stand got hot to the touch when stove was fired up without a chimney. It rests on a mortar and mica hearth pad 48" square, 2" thick with a thin aluminum sheet beneath it and the carpet. What risk is there with this arrangement and what should I do to improve the situation, if necessary?
    2. Can other fuel be used in addition to wood?
    3. Is this company still in business? Thanks very much.


    Peter, if the height of the stove legs is 6 inches or more, you are probably OK. If the legs are shorter, you might want to install a "bottom heat shield" which is simply a piece of sheet metal installed one inch below the bottom of the stove. As far as the hearth getting hot, materials can get quite a bit hotter than touch and still be in the safe zone.

    The stove is for wood only....The company (at least the name) has been in and out of business..and I think there is currently a stove company by that name. Still, I doubt they would know much about your particular stove.
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