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    I am looking to buy a used stove- but am running into trouble. A coworker of mine has a Sierra stove approx. 5 years old that I am considering purchasing. In order to get a permit to install it- the inspectors office needs to know the clearances required. The problem is that the person I will buy it from does not have the installation manual and the plate on the stove is unreadable. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Also- I am looking for someone to do the installation in Northern NJ.


    As far as the installation- look at the ads for chimney sweeps..many of them also do installation. Sierra stoves are now owned by Empire at http://www.empireproductsinc.com

    Either way- if no label is available- the NFPA guide (your inspector has one) says to use the 36" (can be reduced with proper wall protection). The NFPA has a site on the net- so you may be able to look up the info.

    Link: Empire Products
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