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    My husband and I live in a home that was built in the 40's. In the time that we've lived here (14 years)we've never used the fireplace. Well, after going to several friends houses and seeing how nice gas logs can be we've decided to go ahead and purchase a ventless log set. My question is what is the difference between a single burner and the other type, which I assume has more than one burner. I can see that they are less expensive, but are you giving up heat or looks or both? And don't worry we are having a licensed plumber run the gas lines!


    Heat value is in the BTU measurement, so an unvented set with 30,000 BTU is going to put out the same heat as another one. Dual burners can do two things:
    1. Allow more adjustment of heat - If the unit can work on just one burner, it may be able to be turned down lower...check the specs.
    2. Looks - One burner might be all the way in the front and give it the ember look, while another might be the flame in the rear. It is also possible to do this with one burner, so make certain you look at the design.

    Hope this helps.
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