Small score today

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Aug 28, 2022
Nova Scotia, Canada
Due to Fiona wreaking havoc in Nova Scotia there are downed trees everywhere. Only if I had a truck.

Well one of the limbs on my large red maple fell and being new to wood I thought 'I can use that'. Not a tonne but I got at least two or three loads worth of splits from it. My fiskars just went straight through it. I was surprised how easy it was to split.
Small score today

Also my neighbors large crabapple ripped in two so I asked him if he wanted it. I took the downed half and cut it up. Man was it green. I still haven't cut it up yet but the piece I did split was really really wet. It was a smaller limb and the fiskars struggled with it. My do better on larger logs.
I have no experience with crabapple. What to expect?
Also there were a lot of smaller branches that I grabbed and cut up. I have no experience burning those either. Does anyone mess with smaller branches? Are they worth the hassle? They're probably 1.5 - 2 inches in diameter. Here's the whole score. Not much but btus are btus.

Small score today
I'll tidy it up later. This stuff will be ready next fall I'd say.
Branches are looked at differently by many people.

I don't hunt for branches. For me (suburban setting) it's a balance between how to get rid of them if I have a load with branch wood (e.g. a job at a neighbor). I have a chopper/shredder that can eat 1.5" branches, so those go there.

I don't split branches thinner than my wrist. I've put occasional branches in my stacks of 2" dia. Always useful to fill holes when stuffing the stove full of wood.

It's as you say; BTUs are BTUs. It just matters how much effort you want to put in, and that depends on the other supply you have
If you are in an area with lots of wood on the ground from a storm, my guess is you can get a lot of wood dropped in the yard just for putting out a sign., no need for a truck, tree services will be hauling it to the dump.
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No truck either. Haven’t had to buy wood in 4 years. I do put a tarp down in the back of the van from time to time. And will walk my wheel barrow 200 yards down the street to get wood.

Hope the damage it’s not bad. Hurricane Florence left about 3 full cords just on half of my 1 acre lot.
Crabapple is great firewood! Good, dense hardwood. It also is great in the smoker or grill. I have two trees and when I trim them I save chunks of the branches for smoking. Great on ribs.
Every bit helps. I have been using a small trailer to haul wood while the truck is down. It takes 3 trailer loads to equal one truck load, sp the gas costs more amd it takes longer, but it still gets moved.

I cut everything down to wrist size, and sometimes smaller if it's not brushy.

I love having big chunks that last all day. The problem with that is the time it takes for them to dry. Standing dead elm is great for that use because it will dry out in a year or two and you can have 10" rounds.