Smoke coming out of front plate?

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Jotel me this

Feeling the Heat
Sep 21, 2018
I was watching tv and all of a sudden I swear I saw a little puff of smoke come out of the top grate in my Xtrordinair 44 Elite (where the hot air blows out from).

Is this possible? Normal? An issue? Honestly, I dont know how this fireplace works. I know theres a blower in the house which blows hot air out of the circled area, and there are two air ducts outside which draws air into the fireplace from outside, but I dont know how it all connects.

Is it ok that I saw some smoke coming out of this area? The bypass rod was pushed all the way in (to the right of the circle). I just dont understand how smoke could get into it. Thanks.

I circled in the picture where I saw the smoke.

213.png Smoke coming out of front plate?
I did find this in the installation manual so maybe it is possible that smoke could exit through the top grate? But if thats so, why doesnt all the smoke from a burning fire go into the room?:
Blower Requirements The required blower pushes air through blower duct to the fireplace, where it is heated and distributed into the room
Is it really windy there tonight like here in MA? A feak downdraft?
Is it really windy there tonight like here in MA? A feak downdraft?
It is very windy tonight actually. Think it could be negative pressure or something? Im just trying to understand if the grate in the circle is directly connected to anything which is exposed to smoke where smoke can get in, or is the hot air being blown into the room is an enclosed box thats simply heated from being exposed to the heat from the flames where no smoke is supposed to be?