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    Craig--I have a 2 story brick (about 45 years old) a masonry chimney with a double flue with a fireplace in the basement and another in the first floor (nothing else connected to this chimney I have another separate chimney for my heating). The chimneys are on opposite ends of the house from one another. The problem is that when I burn the fireplace on the first floor I get smoke in my basement. So I figured OK the house is so tight that smoke is going up one flue and down the other flue. With this assumption in hand I sealed the TOP of the flue of the basement fireplace. I still got smoke in the basement. So I then sealed the basement fireplace opening and still smoke in the basement. Not sure what to do from here. There is obviously a hole somewhere in my 1st floor firebox/smoke chamber/ flue. Any suggestions and/or remedies would greatly be appreciated.


    Sounds like you have it figured out. Smoke consists of extremely small particles, and I've even seen it come right out through welds in certain stoves ! Masonry has lots of small spaces where this smoke can seep through, especially if the construction separating the two flues is not done correctly. I think you're down to the last possible suggestions:

    1. Draft inducer (fan) on top of chimney..This should create a suction that eliminates the problem.
    2. Line the chimney...There is even special square shaped stainless steel that can be used to line the chimney and still use the fireplace

    Link: Lining Materials
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