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    First, let me thank you for your highly informative and well constructed website -- it's a pleasure to use the Internet as an information source in such an efficient manner.

    I'm having a problem with a new Waterford "Leprechaun"stove that I installed last autumn. The stove is installed according to all safety and building codes and clearances, in the following manner: The stovepipe exits the back of the stove (and the house) horizontally and then turns 90 degrees for a straight vertical run to the proper height above the roof. All of the stovepipe is of double-walled insulated ("Metalbestos") sections and the whole setup works wonderfully EXCEPT that the living room fills with smoke while lighting the initial morning fire. Of course, I understand that what's happening is when the smoke from my newly lit kindling meets the "reversed" down flowing winter air there's simply no contest...I'm just wondering if there is a technique I might be able to use to "pre-warm" the pipe and reverse the airflow before I start the fire:

    1) Might a crumpled piece of newspaper ignited above the baffle (placed by removing the larger "tea kettle" insert in the top of the stove) be enough to help?

    2) Could there be a way to heat the short horizontal run of stovepipe between the back of the stove and the outside wall?

    3) Any other ideas?


    Here's the best way to go about it.

    Crack a window or door if nearby.

    Replace a short piece of the black smoke pipe leading from the rear of the stove with a TEE section..put a removable cap on the part of the TEE facing to the side. Locate this TEE as close to the wall as possible. Then, you can simply pull the cap off the side of the TEE and stuff a piece of paper into the pipe..toward the chimney. Light it, and it should heat the chimney fairly quick.
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