Smoke in hopper

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Feb 8, 2020
I have the drolet eco65 and an issue many have with this unit is smoke coming from the hopper. The fix for this serious problem is as follows. Open the fire door and in the center of the door frame is a nut and small bracket. Get a 7/16 socket and remove the nut take the bracket off and a door will swing open, this is the baffle vacuum out all the ash and reassemble, problem fixed no more smoke coming from the hopper.
Then what you are saying is a clean stove is a happy stove :)
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It sounds like the vacuum allows for enough draft to prevent a back-burn. Serious indeed.
The drolet eco65 has a baffle as I explained. I have two other pellet stoves that do not have this baffle. It is important to be sure the baffle is cleaned of all ash. Because it is the main cause of smoke in the hopper
On my Eco65 the bracket can turn, so I don't have to remove it. Just a quarter turn and the baffle can swing down.