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    I recently bought a 19 year old home with a chimney. I had a chimney sweep clean it and inspect it. He said it was fine. I have been using it for heat as well as holiday aesthetics but I get smoke in the living room from time to time. At times it burns fine with no smell or smoke, but other times I have to close the glass doors and turn the gas on to clear the smoke. My question is, "How high should the chimney be to draft properly for an opening of 36 inches wide by 26 inches high?


    Chimney draft is not that simple, and depends on a lot of factors like: weather How warm the chimney is Shape of the damper are and smoke shelf of the fireplace type of wood burned.... etc.

    Generally, a minimum height of 14 feet or so above the opening would apply, but the taller, the better. Also, be sure to burn your wood with a nice flame on it...smoky, smoldering fires are inefficient and produce a LOT more smoke. Starting up the fire VERY FAST AND HOT can also help by warming the chimney faster...this creates a better draft.

    There is a new article on chimney sizing and height at:

    Link: Chimney Sizing Article
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