Smokey kitchen oven

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Jan 9, 2022
Greetings from Norway!
We recently moved into an older home with one large wood oven/cooker, one small wood oven, and one fireplace with closing glass doors on one main chimney. The fireplace and smaller oven run great, no problems. But the larger cooking stove/oven in the kitchen smokes a lot, especially when the ash door is ajar, so much that we have to open the windows repeatedly to vent and lose all of our heat. We have taken apart and cleaned/vacuumed out the entire oven four times within the month we have lived here. But this helps only for a couple of days. The chimney pipe from the stove to the main chimney was also taken down and cleaned after the second stove cleaning. I’ve attached photos of the inside 4 days after a thorough cleaning. Additionally, a black liquid (creosote?) drips down the pipe and onto the stove top (definitely aroma anti-therapy). After cleaning the chimney pipe, the liquid coming out became less sticky and more water-like, but it seems to be getting thicker again as the days pass. We live in an old house with old windows. We have heated with wood ovens in previous homes without issue. The ovens and pipe installation came as is with this house (not installed by us), and the owner told us that they previously had difficulties with running the kitchen oven. The oven model is a La Nordica Rosa.

Any information or advice is greatly appreciated!

Here is what we have tried so far:
1- Three different woods (pine, alder, birch). We don’t yet have a tool to check the moisture content. We purchased the three from different neighbours when we moved here.
2- Closing the other fireplace and wood oven. Opening a window in the kitchen.
3- Heating another room with the other wood stove first to warm the main chimney.
4- Installed fan on top of chimney to pull the air up.
Smokey kitchen oven
Smokey kitchen oven
Smokey kitchen oven
Smokey kitchen oven
Smokey kitchen oven
Smokey kitchen oven
I am wondering whether you could redesign the stovepipe run. Someone was creative in setting it up, and I see by the photos why it was done. Is it possible to pull the stove out a bit and remove some of the turns in the pipe? The fewer the better. And how tall is the chimney outside? You said the other stoves/fireplace work ok.... My cookstove [see avatar] pipe has two 45-degree turns, and I found I needed to extend my chimney pipe to adjust the draft.
Make sure the stove pipe that enters the masonry chimney is not sitting to far into the chimney, you can also get a cheap piece of single wall pipe and extend the height of the masonry chimney to see if that improves draft, make sure there are no open clean outs on the chimney, that will act as a barro damper and make draft worse.
I also agree that there are a lot of angles in that pipe.
with That much build up after only 4 days the cook stove is not functioning correctlynot the point of being dangerous. If all that creosote ignited you could have a serious chimney fire.
i don’t see how that stove would draft well in its current flue configuration.

do all three appliances share a single flue in the main chimney? If so I don’t see any way the stove could ever draft properly as the path of least resistance is the other two appliances.
I would stop using the cook stove until you devise a safer way to operate it.