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    I have had a Defiant Encore for about seven years now. The stove heats our house fine- but because we have fairly mild winters- we may go several days without lighting it. At these times there is always a reverse draft effect that happens. Cold air starts coming down the chimney- through the pipe and stove and into the house bring with it a sickly-sweet- smoky smell. We wake up to this smell in the morning and come home to it at night. Many times- we will light the stove- not because we need the heat- but to get the draft going back up the pipe. As you can imagine- getting the draft to go back up the pipe can- at times- be a challenge. Smoke will pour into the living room for several minutes before the draft is created adding insult to injury. Closing down the stove does not prevent the smell/draft from coming in. We have had the stove- pipe and chimney cleaned- but to no avail. Short of sealing off the chimney- do you have any ideas? ? ?


    A few Ideas...This is a chimney problem - flow reversal - that all of us are familiar with. It happens because of air pressure differences in the house- so the house actually starts sucking on the chimney.It would be my guess that they have an exterior masonry chimney.Possible solutions:
    1. Reline Chimney with Stainless (smaller warmer chimney)
    2. Outside air hookup (might offset negative pressure
    3. Electric draft inducer on the pipe or top of chimney (the final and ultimate solution. As far as starting the chimney from scratch as it is now- they may want to install a smoke pipe "tee" as close as possible to where the chimney goes into the wall. They could then remove the side of the Tee- stuff some newspaper in- and try to ignite it and warm the chimney. Since this is closer than the stove to the chimney- it may help. Of course- the Rutland Stove and Fireplace deodorant also helps.
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