Smoky smell due to liner issue?

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Jan 12, 2023
Columbus, OH
Our home has an Englander pellet stove in the lower level that was installed by the previous owners. Over this past season, we've had a strong smoky smell in the area around the stove, especially on rainy days. We brought in a sweep who immediately pointed out that our stove's liner only goes partway up the chimney, and that we'll need to get a new, full liner installed to get rid of the smell (and also to bring the stove up to code).

We're being quoted just under $2500 for the job. The thing is, we don't actually use the pellet stove all that much (we have a wood-burning fireplace we use more often). Will a new liner actually solve the odor issue, or do I just need to get the inside of the chimney cleaned out? The company we brought in said they weren't allowed to do a cleaning because of the code issue, but there's always the leaf blower trick...

We'll do what we need to do to make the air in our home safe to breathe, but at same time it's a lot of money to spend for something we use only a few times a season.
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Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Was the chimney originally used for a fireplace/wood stove?
If it was the smell is more likely a down draft in the original chimney
not from the pellet stove and yes if you intend on using the
stove a liner to the top is necessary
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