"soft" fireplace tools?

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Feeling the Heat
Nov 5, 2018
California redwood coast
Do you know of any softer alternative for a stove shovel and rake, besides metal?

I have a enameled wood stove on order. That said, like a new car, you try your darndest to avoid that first scratch/chip. I saw some people write that the chips on their enameled stoves were caused by them accidentally banging their stoves with their tools. To add to that, I have two young kids whom I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, they manage to whack the stove with a tool sitting nearby.

So common sense would suggest just keep the tools stored away from the stove & kids, and be careful when shoveling ashing or raking coals. I'm thinking another option might be some silicone cooking utensil or wooden poker nearby. Anybody try such things? (I use leather gloves which helps me tolerate using shorter tools.)

I have a friend who uses a wooden stick poker, but then it often comes out of the smoking. Silicone cooking utensils are advertised to be heat resistant to about 600 degrees. I guess I could experiment in a camp fire this summer to see how they hold up?


Burning Hunk
Dec 21, 2017
New Concord Ohio
You could use aluminum tools that is lot softer and less likely to do damage. Otherwise wood would be good if you dont keep it in the fire too long. Maybe a can of water nearby to dip it in.

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