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Peter B. Posted By Peter B., Dec 5, 2011 at 9:47 PM

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    I'm in the process of replacing the cat in my old parlor stove... definitely a non-standard install.

    For reasons I won't go into, I needed to retain the metal 'can' surround from the old catalyst. The old can has a very slightly larger diameter than the new, and I will have to buy some some additional combustor gasket/wrap to hold the cat firmly. The 50 mile round trip is scheduled for tomorrow or Wednesday... no big deal.

    But even with additional gasket, I think there's some chance the cat might slip out of place in the can before the gasket swells or 'sets up' on first use.

    Does anyone know the temperature at which the gasket swells? I was thinking of trying to 'fire' it first in the kitchen stove to avoid problems. Might that work?


    Next question...

    The cat being replaced was only _assumed_ to be over the hill. It shows NO temp surge on engagement (with a probe thermometer within an inch of the top surface). It glows, but my suspicion is that 'bare naked' ceramic would glow under certain conditions as well. I know I can also get internal stove temps at the same probe location high enough to match catalyst temps... when the cat isn't in use... and the exhaust from the chimney is invisible at those times.

    So how _does_ one tell if a cat is really done for?



    After burning with cats for about 20 years, I've got a few dead ones on hand now.

    Anyone know if there's a recycler of cats out there?

    Thanks In Advance.

    Peter B.

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