some good news on the computer front and my up coming seminars

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Mar 6, 2006 at 1:43 AM

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  1. elkimmeg

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    Slow weekend on the forum a little off topic but some what related.
    Well I got my laptop up and running again but it is not stable enough to trust. Therefore watching Ebay Auctions. Looking for a P111 1000 don’t want to break the bank. I figure I will use it a month then Auction it. Money is tight now. More good news I got my P111 1000 u desktop computer up and running and attached to a scanner and scanning my seminar info into Acrobat 6.0. I figure I will burn a disk for each seminar solid fuel burning appliances and Hvac and residential inspections.
    I plan to emphasize the permitting, gathering info and application process, I would put them up here but there is a character limit.

    My seminar times were shifted to the worst time each day. Due to other not wanting to start at 4:00 pm,the last time slot and 3:30 the next day. You know little attendance and interest a after a whole day of classes.

    Bridgewater State College in MA Sept 15 and 16 Southeastern Building Inspecrtors Seminmars, but open to all Building Inspectors State wide
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    Give some thought to using the Pack and Go feature in PowerPoint and the Viewer Elk. That would let you package your presentation on a diskette or CD and then it could be run on any computer at the seminar even if the machine does not have PowerPoint installed on it. It makes everybody else's machine in the room your backup machine.

    I learned that lesson the hard way when my laptop crashed to the tile floor in the men's room at a hotel in Paris right before my presentation.
  3. elkimmeg

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    I have power point on all computers so far it gatherning info then developing a sequence and program.
    I have written a rough draft outline. I'm getting there. I will have everything on CD's and this time incremental saves, plus a remote USB external drive saved many times

    update new Laptop Compaq N600C P3 1.06GHZ 256MB Ram 20GBHD XPP Laptop about $230 plus S&H
    refurbished 30 day warranty
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    The ultimate presentation - for safety anyway - is simply a collection of web pages that run locally on your machine or on a CD. This will work in any computer anytime - and one page can link to the other, etc.
    (can also be uploaded after as full web available)
    Of course, one has to know how to put together basic web pages to do this, but it is easy and a skill you can use for a lot of other things.

    No fancy transitions, but they are about as needed as perfume on a chain saw. Some corporations actually have outlawed Powerpoint and I do see their point....can be a real time waster both before and during a presentation.

    Luckily, I don't have to sit through many, but the few I have seen have me looking at the screen - taking in the Bullet Points in about 10 seconds, and then having to hear the speaker say what I already read and take his time doing it! Real Dilbert Material.

    Well, that's just me.....
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