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    I have a Vermont castings Winter Warm wood burning insert. Chimney has been lined to the top. Problem is that I'm noticing soot in the upper corners between the walls and ceiling of my den. Chimney is on the outside of the room. When I start a fire, I always heat the flue with newspaper to create an updraft then I ignite the kindling. The chimney is lower than the main roof since it is along side of the garage and den which doesn't have a 2nd floor. Do you think raising the chimney or installing a better chimney cap would fix the problem??


    It may be that the soot you see does not come directly from the burning of wood. If it did, you would probably have a smell associated with this. More likely, the unit, with it's two blowers, causes increased circulation of air in the room. Any dust in the air is heated and expelled from the unit..and because of certain air movement dynamics, this can build up in other places like those you mention.
    1. Make certain you keep it very clean around the hearth area of the Winter warm. Any dust or ash in this area could be sucked up and redistributed.
    2. You mentioned a garage. If you ever pull your car in there while running, turn if off immediately. Same with when you start it. Often, pressure differences between the house and garage can result in air (and soot from the car exhaust) moving from the garage into the home. Check the tightness of all seals between the garage and the home/duct work.
    3. Use candles and incense, etc sparingly in the home.
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