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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    I recently had a technician from a competitor gas log company inspect my gas logs (propane) to explain to me why I had soot on my ceiling and walls. I only use my 250 gal propane tank for the gas logs and it has never been below 75% full. The model is about 3 to 4 years old. After checking the carbon monoxide levels at 1 to 3 %, the technician checked the regulator on the unit. It had failed and the unit was receiving 12 inches of pressure from the tank instead of the required 10 inches. The company has offered to replace the unit at their cost. He said it was the first bad regulator he had seen out of 75,000. However, I am concerned about my health since the same soot on the walls and ceiling was also passing through my lungs until I noticed the problem. Should I be worried??


    In all honesty, the soot particles that are on your walls and probably passed through your respiratory system cannot be a good thing. But, I have to believe that folks who have burned wood for 40 years, or traveled in metropolitan areas behind trucks, buses, diesel vehicles, and factories are at greater risk long term.

    If you still feel uneasy about your health, then I would consult a doctor to have an examination to rule out any problems. Not being a respiratory expert, I would not feel comfortable in saying everything's fine, not to worry. But I can say this, I've dealt with thousands of folks over the years, regarding a multitude of indoor air quality issues, who have not reported health issues as a result. Believe me, having worked for a manufacturer for 15 years in this age of litigation, I would have seen or heard about it given the nature of my position there.

    I think everything will be just fine. But again, if you're uneasy, please see a doctor.
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