Splitting Hairs

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Aug 31, 2016
North Carolina
I know, I’m splitting hairs. In my defense, I bought a brace kit and went up to install it and realized the band was too small. It was literally a 6” ID band.

I found a second one that specifies it’s a 6”double wall chimney. It even says to measure inside diameter and add 2”. Silly, but I’d rather have a clean instal than scab a piece of stainless strap in. (PS I hate that I used red silicone every time I pull in the driveway.)
I’m gonna get it befor next year I’m sure, but, while Ill install my own stove , chimney and support box, bathroom and fan vents, well pump and bladder, rip out all the old knob and tubing and run new Romex, hardwood floors… I’m hesitant to drill new holes in a 5 year old roof.

It’s just the principal. But the other principal will win. Better be safe than sorry. Who knows. I may change stoves next year and need to add a section. What side of the slope do you measure from???

Doesn’t matter. I’ll have a brace up next year anyway.

5’ to the top of the pipe from the uphill side.
5’ to the top of the cap from the downhill side.

Ooofffff, I could measure from the pipe, and not the flashing and tilt the odds.

Splitting Hairs Splitting Hairs
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Would you put the brace right at the top , or about 4’?
I’d measure the left and right sides of the pipe and then use the mean for my measurement.
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I’d measure the left and right sides of the pipe and then use the mean for my measurement.
Yes, I've measured from the center of the pipe. It's 5' to the top of the chimney pipe, not the cap but there is no harm putting the brace on right below the cap if desired. I would in this case.
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Thanks guys. I’ll get one up there. I bought the cheap kit on Amazon and the roof mounts are rusty and the band doesn’t fit.