St Croix Hastings new prob (burning where it shoudn't)

FireBurn Posted By FireBurn, Mar 23, 2013 at 8:53 PM

  1. FireBurn

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    Today it's getting really hot on #1 setting and there are burning (orangey-red on fire) pellets in the bottom of the hopper. So now it's off, but since winter is not over in NY & it's our only source of heat downstairs...need suggestions on why & what to replace or if it should just be junked...It is NOT under warranty. It is 6 yrs old.
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    Nov 12, 2011
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    Hopefully some of the st. croix owners or repair folks will chime in soon to give you a hand ...
  3. woodsman23

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    6 years old is no reason to junk the stove. Do a leaf blower thing to clean, make sure the air damper in the back is opened enough to allow for a good burn, check comb. blower for proper operation and oil. sounds like it needs a good stiff cleaning....
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  4. heat seeker

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    When cleaning, make sure the ash traps behind the rear firebox wall are clean. Croix has a good video on its site. Your stove me be old enough that it doesn't have the third cleanout behind the ash pan (at least the Afton Bays do), so the LBT is the way to go.

    How is the flame when the stove is burning - lazy or active?

    Way too good a stove to junk it! You appear to have an airflow problem, and cleaning is the place to start. Don't forget to clean the venting, too.

    I never run mine on the lowest setting, except when the stove is idling on t'stat. I set the max heat level of the stove to minimize the idling time, also. I believe the stove shouldn't run under level 3 for the most part. #1 setting just doesn't get a real good flame going, and the stove runs too cold, IMO.

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