stacking pics please

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Feb 29, 2008
Chateaugay, NY
NitroDave said:
CowboyAndy said:
I wish my pile had changed since the last pics I posted...

unfortunatly it has not.

At least they have not fallen over yet.. ;-P
this is true, and I hope they don't (knock on wood). I use 20" long pieces, so the rows are surprisingly stable. We have had a few wind storms, one with 40+ gusts and it was all good. The rows go parrallel to the wind direction, so I think that helps. Earlier in the summer I had some big rounds stacked in the backyard awaiting splitting that were perpendicular to the wind and collapsed within a few days.


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Feb 23, 2008
Northern MI - in the mitten
Haven't posted in awhile, but thought I'd get in on this one.
This stack got finished in Aug., and is on the north side of a field with a lot of wind and good southern exposure ( not so much now, winter and all). Mostly oak, with about a cord of soft maple, and some pine and what is called popple around here. 80 ft. long, and mostly 6ft. high, average 16". 5 cords, if my math is right.
The oak is from a log load I had delivered a year ago (Sept. '07). Getting dryer as I'm typing, love it!


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