Stainless flex liner problems

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May 27, 2017
Lagrange ny
Hello all after trying everyway I could to heat my home fully by one wood stove I've given up and purchased a Drolet 1800i for my fireplace in my den which is the coldest room in the house. I bought the trio from them which is insert,surround,liner and all connections in one kit. Stove arrived two weeks ago with everything else. Upon inspecting everything I came across a broken fire brick and a broken baffle board no big deal these things happen in shipping. Drolet took care of the defective parts and sent replacements in a speedy fashion. So today finally after 18inches of snow last week and 3 inches of rain two days ago it was going to be install day. First ordered of business straighten out the liner to prep it for insulation. That's where the install ended as we tried to straighten the liner out no matter how gentle,carful we were the liner literally popped apart. I understand kinking these liners will cause tears but this was not even close. Just a gentle straightening motion a foot at a time and it would pop and tear apart. The odd part is at the other end of the liner I could bend it as tightly as physically possible and it would stay intact. Anyone ever see anything like this? This is my second time doing a flex liner. First go around the liner was tough as nails.

Stainless flex liner  problems Stainless flex liner  problems Stainless flex liner  problems
That's a bummer. Were there any signs of abuse (denting) from shipping? Ask Drolet to send you a liner coupling to repair it.
No signs of anything to make think that it was a shipping problem. It breaks so easily that I'm asking for a full liner replacement. I even checked for kinks thinking I missed one and tore it but nope. I can put my hands one foot apart and gently push the area to straighten it out and it lets loose. So it's not like I'm generating a huge leverage force on one point
It's a bad liner the crimp just isn't done right you need a replacement. Also get insulation for the liner
It's a bad liner the crimp just isn't done right you need a replacement. Also get insulation for the liner
Thank you I agree with the crimp being bad because the liner separates right at the crimp every time. And I do have a insulation kit for the liner that's what I was working on doing when the liner started falling apart haha
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