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Rick G Posted By Rick G, Jan 4, 2006 at 6:57 PM

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    Jan 4, 2006
    I am beginning to look into picking up a new stove to heat a portion of my house and am curious of peoples experience with the stoves I have short listed. To start, I live just west of Bennington, Vermont in an old house, its about 150 years old and pretty leaky. The house is a wood frame with brick infill in the walls so they can’t be insulated but I’ve insulated the attic and tightened up all of the door and window openings to keep the cold out and heat in. The portion of the house I’m looking to install the new stove is about 1,400 sq/ft (700 per floor). The primary source of heat in the house is a new hot water radiator system with multiple zones. The house had no heat in it when I moved in so I installed a Security chimney and Nashua stove to get us through the first few winters. The Nashua does fine heating the ground floor but just doesn’t seem to have enough juice to warm the entire house. Now that we are settled in and have fixed all of the critical issues its time to upgrade the stove.

    I am bound to the locations of the stoves by the chimney stacks. The attached plan shows where they are located. Stove A is where the existing stove is and where I plan on installing a new stove. I plan on moving my existing stove to the location marked Stove B. I plan on moving the Nashua over to the “small” house (a 1 ½ story part adjoining the 2 story “big” house) and replacing it with something large enough heat the entire 2 story house.

    I am considering a Morso 3610 or a Quadrafire 3100 stove given the size of the house and its leaky nature. Would it be reasonable to expect these stoves to get the second floor of the house up to at least 60 degrees or so during the winter months? Let me know if I left anything out or hit me with your questions.

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