Stihl Ripping Saw Chain

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I just went ahead and started with my regular chain… it worked… I learned some things in trying and am sure the next round will be a little prettier. Maybe I’ll know what I’m doing by the time I’m done? Hahaha.

I’ll be doing this all free hand... for a first attempt, I think it turned out alright. Yeah, it could be better… these are maybe 2.5” thick. After drying, I’ll run them through a band saw to get to planks each.

I haul the logs out of the woods with a grapple and very little dirt sticks to the bark of beech. What little there is brushes right off… no need to de-bark.
I saw/read somewhere that a guy stuck a bubble level on he saw for his free hand work. Seemed like a good idea.
I bought a round bubble level to attach to my felling saw to make nice flat cuts, never got a chance to stick it on there.
Currently, I'm looking for a ripping chain for my Stihl MS 271 20" .325 .063 gauge. I have few Oaks and I might go to an Alaskan mill if I can find the right chain for my current bar. Also, I need to rip some odd pieces for a lathe and some other projects. Is it better to purchase a new bar with a more narrow gauge (0.050) which is suggested by a Stihl dealer? Your suggestions are invited.
Is it better to purchase a new bar with a more narrow gauge (0.050)
I would like to keep all my chains (and bars the same gauge).

price is right for this one. I’d give it a try. (I have a 25’ roll of archer chain. It cuts. Much better after a file or three).

Archer 20" .325-063-81DL Ripping Chainsaw Chain Replaces Stihl MS280 MS290 K3C-RP-81E Amazon product ASIN B07N6G19ZX