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    Dear Folks, For emergency purposes, I have been looking for the best buy in manufactured (saw-dust) logs. I do not have access to natural logs (oak,etc) so must depend on manufactured ones.

    Could you tell me which way to go?

    I recently purchased some "Del logs" which are 3" in diameter and 11" long. But have not idea how they compare to other brands.

    I'd like to know which gives the best heat for the dollar spent which burns the cleanest

    I have access to Duraflame, Presto Log, and Del logs.


    When you say "for emergency use" , I hope you are not speaking about using these in a heating appliance. Most of the manufactured logs are designed to be used only in open fireplaces and then, only one at a time. They are made using wax, which could cause a lot of problems if burned wsithout enough air

    There are some logs that are made of only sawdust or sawdust and natural binders. One of these was named "Presto" , but I am not certain that is the Presto you are looking at. Bottom line, look at the instructions on the log...or call the maker, especially if you intend to use your logs in a closed stove.

    When comparing a real sawdust log, use the "weight per dollar" as the comparison, since most woods contain the same amount of BTU per pound.
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