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    am purchasing a Breckwell Pellet Stove P2000 . The stove salesperson has said that I don't need to call a chimney sweep annually Is this true? I would like to heat the basement. It is a new house and we have a fan system which is currently blowing cold air thru the house. when the oil heat is not on. So you think that heating the basement with the pellet stove would help end the circulation of cold air in the house.


    Pellet stoves need as much, if not more, service than a woodstove. Most of this involves cleaning out fly ash (dust from the wood burning) from inside the stove and chimney pipe. If you are handy you can probably do this yourself. It should be well explained in your manual. This is usually done as often as every ton of fuel, which could be 3 times a year.

    I don't understand why your fan would blow cold air through the home. A central heater fan should turn off when it is not blowing heat. Perhaps you need to have a serviceman adjust the fan/limit control on your heater..this determines when the fan turns off and on.

    Heating the basement with the Pellet stove will prewarm the upstairs, but not make a big difference in your cold air problem since your oil heater is a closed system - i.e. it does not get any air from the basement in it's circulation.
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