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    Hello. I am installing a wood stove in an old country kitchen.

    I have completed the ceiling to attic installation and now am proceeding through the attic to the existing metal barn style roof.Could you provide any help in the best way to install the flashing/cone thing that surrounds the installed s.s. insulated chimney?.
    Most help guides show this installation with a shingled roof in place.

    We have the ridged barn tin roof over our kitchen area.
    This is where I am passing the chimney through.


    We've done these with success.
    Ideally, you'd have the top of the flashing UNDER the existing roof and the bottom over it, with the transition occurring 1/2 way down the flashing side. However,if this is tough to do there may be another method.

    Building supply stores sell a wood piece with ridges that match the roofing. You can install one of these at the top and one at the bottom and a wood strip along each side. These can be screwed to the roof and sealed with tar and/or silicone. The flashing is then placed on top and sealed again to the wood using the same materials.

    This assumes the roofing is corrugated along it's entire length. If it is flat with one or two ridges, the job can be done simply by flattening the ridges in the correct places.
    11/2007 Many chimney manufacturers also make soft metal flashings that you can easily pound with a hammer to conform to the shape of the roof.
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