Stove maintenance and wood drinking winter ramblings.

DavidV Posted By DavidV, Jan 5, 2006 at 2:38 AM

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  1. DavidV

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    Nov 20, 2005
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    These two topics might or might not be related.
    I am running a 16-17 year old Cat stove with a warped damper houseing. I noticed the other day that I had a gap above the cats where the felt tape insulation had been that was empty. The culprit was a loose bolt. the boltholding that damper extender to the roof of the stove was loose and when putting wood into the stove it got banged around....moved back and forth ever so much, and eventually the felt worked it's way loose. Nobody seems to cary the felt except mail/internet order companies. So, I went to lowes bought two door gasket kits 3/8 and 5/8 inch and took the stove apart. cut the gasket into several pieces, glued it in, re attatched the damper extender.....tighter this time, ....and I'm back in business. Clean burns. High temps. Glowing cats. I do wonder however if this had an adverse effect on my wood consumption. here it is the beginning of Jan and I have been very unscientifically pulling from 4 diferrent wood stacks. I started out pulling from one main stack of 3 year old oak. Then I started to cherry pick from a "punky stack" to add pieces that I thought were ready for burning. Then I started grabbing from another stack because it was odd shaped and I wanted the tarps covering it to fit better. Then it started raining a lot, or the boys would forget to pull wood until it was dark and I let them start taking from the closest I have no valid way of saying how much wood I have used to date. I probably should go out one day this week and move wood from one spot to another to consolidate at least two of these stacks but I am rather lazy and probly won't.....I will just eyeball it all and say that I have burned less than 2 cords.
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    I pull wood form many piles, I add and subtrace wood so that,I can only guess as the amount I burn
    Yesterday my neighbor asked if I wanted two standing dead 7" oaks? I Cut them up burned them in my two stoves yesterday and still burning it, with enough to load these stoves once more. Always adding to my piles, But I do know 2 cords have dissapeared .
    With the warmer temps, I have been able to damper down a lot more and hold the temps in the house. David that Combuster .com Cat is working still lit lit off when the stove goes under 400 degrees Now if I could fing an Encore cat stove I would replace my Resolute in a minute. I have the existing flue outlet I have to match up so I am limited to a certaint height and rear exiting stove I would welcome the larger fire box, the cat longer burns, and the additional 8000 BTU, it rated for over the Resolute. If only I could find another like my VC intredid II to rebuild cheap. Or any other larger capacity stove wthat exits rear and top of the exit is 28" or less
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