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stanleyjohn Posted By stanleyjohn, Nov 19, 2012 at 8:41 AM

  1. stanleyjohn

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    Just thinking ahead! Are those bolts in the stove easy to loosen and remove when the time comes for some repair work.I just dont want to get upset if i break off a bolt head while trying.I have a harman wood stove and i bet those bolts near the afterbuner section get alot of heat.
  2. Benchwrench

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    My stove has burner tubes that are each attached by small stainless steel bolts. Before installation I applied a very high temp nickel anti seize to the threads. If you have any difficulty I would recommend using something like PBlaster and working the bolt back and forth until it frees itself on the threads enough that you know for the size of the bolt you won't sheer it off based upon the integrity of the steel.
  3. charly

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    My Esse cook stove has an interior clean out plate inside the oven, also part of the rack system on one side. That needs to be removed to clean out behind the oven. Has two tapered head flat blade screws. Took them out and coated them with copper base antisieze. If your
    stove is cold sometime, I'd loosen one at a time just to know when you need to, they're coming out. Then coat them and reinstall. This way you'll have a heads up as to a problem bolt or screw, not finding out at the time you need to get it done that you have something that won't break free.
  4. begreen

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    It's not a big deal as long as you have clear access to them. When I took apart our 602 I anticipated breaking some bolts. Before starting I picked up a matching tap, drill bit and right sized replacement bolts. The broken bolts drilled and retapped quickly. I ended up having to replace 3 bolts and it set me back maybe 15-20 minutes?

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