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MadTripper Posted By MadTripper, Jan 7, 2009 at 6:02 PM

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    I finally had everything I needed to hook my stove up to a thermostat yesterday so I went ahead and took the plunge. Here is a shot of the old beast.[img]

    I basically ran 24VDC up to a new thermostat and installed a normally open thermal switch that closes at 90 degrees, resets at 70 degrees, in series. These two items control a 15A relay which is then wired to an outlet where I plug my 110VAC blower into. When the thermostat calls for heat and the air in the plenum is above 90 degrees, hot air is pushed into our living space. I have some cleanup work to perform and a cold air return to install as well but for the time being, it works great. I purchased most of the parts from Grainger for about $50.00. I can take pictures or draw up a diagram if anyone needs it.

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