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    About ten years ago, I installed an airtight fireplace on a matching floor pad/wall protection set.

    The set consisted of two precast sections of a mixture of asbestos and some other non combustible binder, perhaps even a mortar mix, since the slabs were very heavy. The sections had a brick and mortar finish. The shorter section was the stove pad and the longer the wall protection. Both were obviously formed on molds and the wall unit had the appropriate stand-off distance from the combustible wall, with unobtrusive air slots at the base and top. Installation was simple. The back of the floor pad butted against the wall and the wall section stood on the back edge of the floor pad. The top of the wall section only required metal clips to secure it fro falling forward The floor pad provided in excess of 16" in front of the loading doors and the wall section stood about 60" high. With shielded chimney sections the whole installation was simple, quick, and complied with fire codes.

    Asbestos based products are out. I have purchased a home with an airtight. My insurer requires a new floor pad and wall protection. My old supplier is out of business. I can't find a similar product.

    There are a few companies that make prefab boards, but they have become much less popular. There were a lot of problems with breakage in shipment and during installation. Therefore, most people use site-built ones these days...brick, stone, tile on durarock, etc.


    Try R-CO at (716) 763-1825

    and Yoder Hearth Classics at 866-881-7237

    Hargrove Hearth Pads (800) 725-4166

    Link: Yoder's

    Link: Hargrove Hearth Pads
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