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daleeper Posted By daleeper, May 10, 2010 at 12:47 AM

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    Well, I bought an older Blaze King Royal Heir, and planning its installation. I am needing the incite of you experienced installers on what lengths of stove pipe I should use. My chimney is Simpson Duraplus 8", and should be able to set it up as a straight shot up, as my current setup is. The difference is that the Royal Heir has a 6" flue collar instead of the 8". I will be using an increaser that includes a bit of slip pipe, at the the chimney support box, and here is where I need help:

    One piece of 48" stove pipe will fit between the stove and the increaser (simpson duravent 1860), but to get it on and off, I am guessing I would have to move the stove out from under the stove pipe to be able to drop it off the increaser, but would be a real clean install. I could use 2 pieces of 24" pipe (or other configuration of 48"), and be able to slip the top piece up the increaser, and remove the bottom piece without having to move the stove to do so, but with the added joints to fuss with. Which do you guys (and gals) recommend? I like the idea of the one piece, except when it comes time to clean the chimney, then I would have to move the stove to get access to the area above the bypass plate. Any suggestions or options that I have missed?

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