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Oct 16, 2023
Western NY
I've crept this forum for quite a while but now it's time I needed to join.

I purchased a house that had an old wood burner but the previous owner removed it after having a baby. The house is two story. The old stove location is on the first floor.

The old chimney system was left intact. I'm having trouble figuring out which double walled pipe system I need.

I've purchased a Drolet HT 3000. The previous owner had an 8" stove. The ceiling connection is 6 inches away from a stone shield that is spaced away from the wall.

Is this a DSP connection? I've asked stove stores and I haven't had much help. They know I'm not spending money with them.

Can someone help identify what type of stove pipe this requires?

Thanks in advance

20231015_173414.jpg 20231015_173419.jpg 20231015_173444.jpg
Would like to see an 18 inch minimum from the back of the stove or heat shield to that stone wall.
You currently have single wall black from the collar up? Can't tell from the pic, what is the white/gray shadowing in the pipe?
I can see up over the flashing. There's a round galvanized circle a few inches above the ceiling, a gap then stainless pipe surrounding the black pipe
If it was me I would probably remove the old piping and install new stuff for safety reasons. If you have invested in a new stove and you want it to burn efficiently I would highly recommend this. Looks like your new stove requires 6" pipe. You can go with single wall before you hit the ceiling box but I wouldn't really recommend for safety reasons. Please see link to similar post. this has everything listed that you would need to install new safe and efficiency vent pipe.

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Ok this is what I found out. The pipe I have is Selkirk. It was installed about 15 years ago.

It's Class A above the ceiling and drops down to their weird fitting below the ceiling.

I understand that my pipe is 8" and my stove is 6" but with double wall 6" from the stove and 20'+ of 8" I think I'll pull plenty of draft.

I've attached a picture of the connection used by Selkirk. It aligns male to male and uses a finishing band to conceal.

I'll use Selkirk DSP Double wall for the connections.