Stove Ramping up then going down

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Burning Hunk
Feb 1, 2014
Jersey city,NJ
Having issues with my harman p 61a. After a recent cleaning and changing of the rope seal around the door it hasn't been working properly. It will ramp up with a very nice strong flame for a few minutes (both on stove temp and room temp mode) and then flame will die back down a bit and then eventually go back up. The problem is that it is not producing enough heat. Usually in colder temps it will stay ramped up with a higher flame and heat my house fine. I checked the rope seal with a dollar bill, and it passed that test. I also installed a new ESP and control board recently. The exhaust line is clean. I checked the seal on the fines compartment and the latch is tight. The latch is tight under the burner pot as well. All the holes are clear on burner pot. The air flapper is on the intake doesn't look like it's stuck either. I don't have an outside air kit. Seem to me it should be calling for more pellets. Work fine all winter - up till now.
Any suggestions???
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With the new board did you set the dip switches?

Stove Ramping up then going down
Check to make sure the air temp probe didn't get moved. Or, was something placed nearby that would cause it to think there was heat being produced.

One time my cats moved the door to the control board (my probe is looped around it) and it was just close enough to the side of the stove that it got confused and would ramp up and down constantly (but never enough for the appropriate amount of heat). I moved it more to the back, and all problems vanished. Oh yeah, and the stove is on an external thermostat so it took a a while to figure it out.
probably not the case but last time I had same situation found out that because of constant filing the hopper with softwoods at half way for weeks and weeks, lots of fines had gathered at the bottom of the pile creating a dam above the slide plate only letting so much get thru. Basically I had not seen the hopper bottom in long time.. softies had lots of fines in each bag..
Sprucewoods are notorious for excess fines. said u cleaned the stove but in my case I see no reason to have empty hopper for cleaning stove itself.. but as state, prob not your situation... good luck..