Stove recommendation 1500 sq ft

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Yes, material costs have gone up 4 times in the last 16 months in price. Availability is also an issue for our industry.

Shipping costs have exploded. I posted in another thread we have gone from $2,800 per container to over $8,000 for the exact same load!

It's no secret units eligible for the tax credit have seen unprecedented demand. Given it applies to heater, liner, labor etc., it can result (not always because it is not a rebate, but a tax credit) in the ability to purchase a more expensive heater and end with an investment closer to or below a less costly unit.

Sanctions on Russia have now had a tremendous effect on shipping from overseas. And one a container/ship from Spain becomes available, it will go to the high bidder!
I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed in this thread. I placed a deposit on a PE Super LE with blower and OAK. It was $3600 with tax.
Nice! Show some pics if you can after the install is finished 🙂 Always good to see the set up of others.

And let us know next season how it's going.
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Well, I just got some great news on chimney and stove pipe pricing. My stepfather is a licensed HVAC contractor and can get me all my chimney materials at wholesale.

Edit: Is the PE eligible for the tax credit?
I don't believe the PE is eligible, though would be happy to be wrong as I just bought one. The cut off for the credit is at 75% efficiency, the PE is rated at 74%.
MTDave, you're correct. I confirmed through the shop I bought it from.
I was quoted $7300 for a Lopi Liberty install. I know it's completely insane but so are fuel prices and I can't throw $2000 at propane another two years trying to wait for prices to go down (doubt they ever will). The way I see it, 3 years it pays for itself vs 1 or 2 years before. Still completely worth it. I could install myself but I have no experience and I would rather let the 30 year veterans do this lol.