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Dec 20, 2022
Bergen County
Hi All! I thank anyone who takes the time to respond to this thread. I hope it helps not only myself, but anyone in the same situation or who might be considering the same stove.

I a trying to heat a three season room that is approximately 20x16(320sqft& 2,960cf). The room is constructed on concrete footings with post supports. The floor is uninsulated, but I plan on adding insulation in the future to avoid condensation on the tile flooring. The walls are some type of foam insulated extruded aluminum with double pane sliding glass windows on all 3 sides. The structure has a shed roof that ranges from 8.5' to 10' (Average height 9.25'). The roof is uninsulated as well and is made up of tongue and groove wood panels. I have tested heating the structure with 18Kbtu propane heater. With an outside temperature of 41 degrees and a room temperature of 49 degrees, the heater was able to raise the temperature10 degrees in one hour at maximum output. Within two hours the room was 64 degrees and it eventually made it to about 70 degrees and flatlined there as the outside temperature hovered in the upper 30s.

All things considered, do you think the craftsbury is the right size stove for a room with this many windows and poor insulation? I am concerned about the stoves ability to heat the room during the coldest days of the year in Bergen County/Northeast New Jersery. I understand the BTU rating for the stove is 40Kbtu , but I believe that is at max output. I'm not sure what the average BTU output is over the heating cycle and if I can expect the stove to heat the room. I am attaching pictures of the room just incase my description was lacking.

Again, thanks in advance to all who respond or read this thread. I will be sure to follow up with my experience regardless of the stove I choose.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
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