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  1. M

    Sizing wood burner HELP

    Hi everyone, need help sizing a wood heater for my house. I was going to put a zero clearance insert in but now just thinking I'll go with a freestanding one in the space next to it as it will be less work. The wife is adamant she doesn't want any cords hanging out (fml) so I guess I'm just...
  2. B

    Stove Sizing Advice - Hearthstone Craftsbury

    Hi All! I thank anyone who takes the time to respond to this thread. I hope it helps not only myself, but anyone in the same situation or who might be considering the same stove. I a trying to heat a three season room that is approximately 20x16(320sqft& 2,960cf). The room is constructed on...
  3. J

    1200 sqft wooden house from the 50s, f100 or f400?

    Hello from Norway - home of Jotul. I bought a two story 1200sqft house and am looking for a new stove, it will be placed in a 150 sqft room that connects to the whole first floor 600sqft. The house is not well insulated. The wife and I want either the f100 or f400 white stove. We have doubts...
  4. S

    Sizing for an unconventional home in Northern MN

    Hello, I'm trying to size a stove correctly for our home in Northern MN, near Grand Rapids. It's an 800 square foot floor plan, BUT, with a 300 square foot or so large loft and high ceilings everywhere else. There are also a ton of windows and doors for such a small house. The weather gets...
  5. J

    Venting size question

    Very newbie here, both to this form and wood stoves in general. We recently purchased a raised ranch that came with a wood burning stove. A quick description of the setup: standard fireplace upstairs with external masonry chimney and directly beneath it on the lower level is where the wood...
  6. R

    dialing in Jotul stove size for 27' Yurt in Driftless Area, Wisconsin

    Seeking wisdom from my wood burning elders... I am building a 27-ft insulated yurt in Driftless area of Western Wisconsin. We plan to use this off-grid yurt as a 4-season family cabin. Been researching lots of stove options for this cold climate where we had a few days down below -30F this...
  7. A

    Which stove to buy?

    hi, I’m brand new here but I’ve read a lot of reviews and advice so I thought I’d ask for educated opinions here. Thanks in advance! I’m in southern Ontario. We have small bungalow (920 sq feet main floor and 920 sq feet finished basement. We want a stove in our basement which would be only a...
  8. W

    Nominal clay flue sizes

    I'm pretty new to chimney rehabilitation, but a quick study. I've measured the two square flues on my chimney and would like confirmation of their nominal sizes. Here's what I measured and what I think their nominal sizes are: Interior SizeExterior SizeProposed Nominal Size6⅞"8½"8"10⅞"12½"12"...
  9. J

    chimney size help

    hi, we are looking at purchasing the drolet classic wood stove and it says we need a 6" chimney. we just had out old masonry chimney relined with a 5.5" as thats all that would fit. we have a 6" thimble through the wall. will that setup work for the stove?
  10. S

    Best way to fit stove on and/or in fireplace?

    We recently moved into a home, and there's an original fireplace that's rather plain and terrible at putting out any heat. Now, my wife is rather taken with the looks of a freestanding stove, so we're wondering if we could put it on the existing fireplace hearth, and perhaps partly inside the...
  11. SudsJeff

    Is there such thing as going too big?

    Hello, I am in the process of deciding on what wood stove to purchase in my 70's split level 1400 sq/ft home (average winter temps -20C). I need a stove that will serve as the primary heat source and will be capable of 8+ hour burns (while overnight and at work). It will be replacing an aging...