Stoves got a workout yesterday

Snowy Rivers Posted By Snowy Rivers, Jan 18, 2012 at 5:40 PM

  1. Snowy Rivers

    Snowy Rivers
    Minister of Fire 2.

    Feb 7, 2010
    NW Oregon
    About 6:30 give or take yesterday morning the power went out due to heavy snows, trees down and such.

    The Power company said 1 hr at most to be back up.

    Well we went to work and figured that when we got the call that the power was back that we could just run home (5 miles) and lite the stoves.

    Yeah, Right

    The call did not come until 3 in the afternoon. AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH

    Ran home and lit off the two Whitfields and crank them up.

    The house was 50F inside by that time.

    Went back to the shop and we came home at around 6 pm

    House was up to 63 F but thats just too cold for my taste.

    Cranked up the Quadrafire 1000 and let it rip.

    within 30 minutes, with the 3 stoves burning the house was a cozy 71 F

    Shut the Quad down and let the two Whits handle the night shift.

    This morning the weather had turned really warm and very wet.

    Shut the little whit off and things will be good now.

    Snow came on really quickly and it was very heavy and wet and piled up nearly a foot deep over the course of Monday night and Tuesday morning.

    Late last night another batch came in but switched over to rain by 2am

    Ahhh well, the joys of winter.

    I got caught with my pants down and no diesel fuel for the Diesel Gen set.

    We get these sorts of weather events so seldom that I can't afford to let 250 Gallons of fuel just sit and get stale.

    Going to rethink this and maybe put in a smaller tank that can hold maybe 100 gallons.

    And the Saga continues.


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