Supe up your St Croix versa for more power and longer life

Don2222 Posted By Don2222, Apr 29, 2018 at 6:59 PM

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    The new St Croix versa motors are much better than the older ones and if you cannot drill your bracket, the new versa motoris a better choice.
    This mod below is another alternative. :)

    The St. Croix versa motor is approx 1.3 RPMs and is a counter clockwise motor just like the double auger CCW England Stove Works 1.2 RPM auger motors. The o.1 RPM difference is negligible. However the bolt pattern is different so the standard auger gear motor will not bolt right in. There is however enough room on the bracket to just drill another set of approx 1/4” holes and Bingo, you can slap in a nice standard 1 RPM gear box motor! In this example I used a High Quality Gleason Avery Auger Motor with Needle Bearingd for that extremely long life! Also I got another versa bracket to start fresh and it comes with a new bronze Bushing.
    In this example the stove is the St. Croix Prescott FS. The Insert stoves like the St Croix York have less space so check to see if the bigger gear box will fit in there and please let me know.
    1. Remove versa motor with box wrench and Allen key
    2. Remove auger motor for more room with Allen key and box wrench
    3. Loosen and remove versa bracket with 1/4” socket and socket wrench
    4. Mark and drill new holes in versa bracket making sure the new auger motor shaft is in middle of bracket hole.
    5. Remove studs from old versa motor and screw into new auger motor.
    6. Bolt new auger motor into new holes in versa Bracket
    7. Secure auger shaft to versa shaft with Allan key
    8. Bolt versa Assembly with new auger motor back into stove.
    9. Make wires to plug on new auger motor and stove with spade clips. See orange wires in pic below.
    Test motor and run stove!
    It is possible to install a 2 RPM motor and flip the magnet to make it CCW if you really want to move some ash! Although this case has not been tested!

    Pic 1 - old versa motor
    Pic 2 - Removing studs from old versa motor
    Pic 3 - installing studs on new auger motor
    Pic 4 - Installing versa bracket with new set of 4 holes.
    Pic 5 - Bench testing motor with bracket & Bushing
    Pic 6 - Installed bracket in stove using a 1/4” socket and ratchet
    Pic 7 - New Auger Motor Installed in Stove!

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