Supersplit J vs. Splitfire 2265

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New Member
Feb 8, 2023
I am looking to purchase a wood splitter for homeowner use. I am trying to decide between these two options.
Splitfire 2265 with log lift vs. supersplit j model. Does anyone have any feedback?
I hadn't heard about the splitfire before. Interesting design and it sure looks convenient. I have some concerns about that machine though
  • It has a 3" cylinder. On the return stroke, it may not be powerful enough to efficiently split
  • It has a 12L hydraulic reservoir. That's 4 gallons. I'd be concerned about the oil overheating. My 30 ton splitter takes 8 gallons for example.
  • I would be worried about the steel tube bending/distorting over time with that big notch cut out of it at the top
  • Potential for splitter trash to get bound up/stuck inside the square tubing. I see they have a piece of UHMW plastic or something similar covering up the hole in the steel tube, but how will this hold up over time?
  • For that kind of money, the whole thing looks kind of cheesy honestly
I may be completely wrong and it may be a very stout machine though. I've read about the supersplit, and I think they're great machines. I think they do get some wear over time on the rack, where they sometimes 'pop out of gear'. I may be wrong on that though.

Good luck picking!
I'd pass on both. The first would be odd that you work the control with your left hand. The second I watched a little of the video and it looks like they're selling speed. The large round the guy lifts on the splitter has to be poplar or some real light straight grain easy to split wood. I'm not focused on speed when splitting so I wouldn't want either. I have a hydraulic splitter that hasn't been stopped yet and easily gets the job done.
Not one of, but close to one of your options, the Brave Dual Split.
Bought one a few years back and love it. Built very stout, yet I can move it around relatively easily by myself if needed. (In and out of the shed, around the wood stacks, etc.)
Very efficient working motion as you don't need to wait for a return stroke. Nice work tables on both sides. I'm in CO so my toughest splits are only some large pine with lots of knots. They're super tough but I don't have much else to compare to nearby.
Looks like they've gone up about $600 over the last couple years...ridiculous.
In the case of the SplitFire, a Stihl dealer near me has an equipment rental business running out of it and their rental splitters are SplitFire units, I believe the 2265. A family member of mine works there and the equipment guys like the machines and have nothing but good things to say about them. If they're used as rental units you know they get beat on. They seem to last. They were selling a used one this spring that I was tempted by but my splitter still works so I didn't pull the trigger, but I would certainly consider one if I had the dough.
I have Supersplit J and it's the best thing that happened to me. I have a hydraulic county line 22 tonn as well. I am never going back to using the hydraulics on a regular basis. The super split is fast and fun. If you can lift the log on it, it will split it. It takes some time to develop technic and know how to hit the log, tough.