Supervent chimney question

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Jan 24, 2009
NW Oregon

I'm planning my install of an Alderlea t5 stove and have a question about the chimney install. I'm planning to use Selkirk Supervent. My house has a 3.5/12 vaulted ceiling then an attic then a 7/12 roof (scissor truss) I understand that I'll be using the cathedral box to install, and it will be framed into the bottom chords of the trusses, but being an install not envisioned in the manual, I'm not sure whether to place the attic insulation shield inside the cathedral box, or somehow (and keep it listed) close the top of the box in the attic and place the attic insulation shield on top of that. The goal is obviously to keep insulation or other debris away from the chimney pipe, but the instructions don't explicitly address this install. One video I saw using Supervent into a scissor truss, the owner extended the uphill edge of the cathedral box with hardibacker. Thanks in advance for your advice!