Tarm solo plus 40 smoke issues

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Owner of a Tarm solo plus 40 MK11 with 806 gal. open storage seeking help. Tonight's start up was by far the most smoke yet. Bypass damper open at start of fire with excessive smoke coming out of both fan vents on either side of unit. I'd try turning on the fan to increase my flue gas temps but it would just blow out more smoke. Several times I shut my bypass damper and and flue gas temps dropped. I managed to set off the smoke detectors twice. After much smoke and both exterior doors to the building open for venting the smoke, I was able to achieve a flue gas temp of 500F and start gasification. Unit was installed 2004 with good results until now. Is there a service book? How to book? What do I need to clean? Thanks Sweetheat

Bad LP

Minister of Fire
Nov 28, 2014
Northern Maine
When was the last time it got a full cleaning? Are you 100% visually sure the damper is working?
Not sure what a full cleaning is. I clean the exchanger tubes, primary and secondary combustion chambers. and the smoke pipe several times a winter. I've cleaned the fan itself once. Do I need to do more? Is there a diagram showing interior assembly? Thanks
A through cleaning today. Much less smoke. Tubes got brushed and the primary and secondary fire boxes got cleaned. Start up was OK but several times I had to open the bypass damper, turn off the fan and open the secondary fire box door. Temp would go up to 650F and I'd shut the 2ndary door, close the bypass damper and turn on the fan. After four tries I finally got it to stay at 450F and gasification. I also ordered a new primary fire box insert slot because mine was bad.