Thermal Shock??? Cat stove VS Non Cat

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Nov 20, 2005
Richmond VA
I have seen the discussion of Thermal Shock to the stove from engaging the Catalysts before the stove has warmed up. That makes sense. But I have been wondering about the non cat stoves. I have no experience with them but if I am correct, once you get the wood burning you close the dampers, etc and it increases in heat untill the secondary burnoff begins. Does this prevent the possibility of Thermal shock occuring? Also do I have a proper understanding of Non cat stoves. is there more involved in their operation?


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Nov 19, 2005
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My manual mentions thermal stress. Says You should build break-in fires before each burning season or when stove has not been in operation for awhile to drive out moisture. But says nothing about thermal shock during normal operations. I guess over-firing could cause thermal shock?

I think your correct that when the firebox reaches a certain temp, secondary combustion begins. From then on all you have to do is adjust the air for your desired heat output and flames. You do have to play around with how the wood lays in your firebox for best results. I found front to back or a log cabin type crisscross works best for my stove since the main air supply is center front below the glass. If I block the air supply with a piece of wood my fire dies and glass soot's up. I've had this stove for 3 seasons now and am still learning little tricks. The best tool you can have is a stove thermometer.
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