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    Hi,I have a hopefully simples question that I haven't seen answered anywhere on your web site.I bought a "stovepipe" thermometer. I cant reach my stovepipe, so I put in on the griddle on top of my stove. Are my temperatures going to be different or register differently using it this way. In other words if surface temperature of the griddle per my manual should reach above 750 degrees, is this thermometer going to accurately tell me when it is 750 degrees, or is the temperature screwed for measuring the STOVEPIPE'S temperature?


    Rebecca, Most "stovepipe" thermometers are better used on your stove's griddle. The calibration does not differ between the stove pipe. You can always place another thermometer on the pipe if you desire, but it sounds like your stove's Owner's Guide was designed to work in tandem with a surface thermometer. Think about this, how accurate can the reading be if you're measuring a round surface with a flat instrument? Fairly, but not greatly. You simply want to get a rough idea of what's happening inside your stove anyway. Leave it on the griddle, and enjoy the stove! Good luck.
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